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Spiral Up Athletics Academy LLC

We are an athletics academy that is currently focusing on off-season opportunities for growth within the game of lacrosse.  We are currently offering winter clinics for youth and high school players, private lessons, as well as small group lessons.  Our focus at this time is currently geared towards the boys' or the mens' game.  In addition, we are offering lacrosse curriculum design assistance, and off-season coaching / team development opportunities for teams, clubs, and organizations.  At Spiral Up, we strive to make each and every player and each and every group that we work with, better.  The idea is we, both us and our clients; grow, learn, and get better within this great game together.  Learn + Commit + Do = The Upward Spiral

Winter Lacrosse - Registration is Open for the 2023 Program(s)

Indoor Skills, Scrimmage, and Specialty Lacrosse Clinics

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Lacrosse Development

Curriculum Design for Organizations

Off-Season Coaching for Teams

Summer Clinics

Winter Lacrosse - Indoor Skills, Scrimmage, and Specialty Clinics

This program will be offered in (3) sites located throughout Connecticut and Western Massachussets.  Age groups to include grade 2 up and and through grade 12.  We organize this program by offering sessions, each with a primary focus, and they include:

 - Skills Clinics

 - Scrimmage Clinics

 - Specialty Clinics

During our skills clinics we focus on the areas of the game necessary for skill  and athletic development.  Our Scrimmage Clinics are soley focused on competing and game play.  Whereas our Specialty Clinics will zero in on one specific position or area of the game.   It is the objective that we offer the most comprehensive and creative solution out there for lacrosse development and pre-season readiness.   This program will prove to have something for everyone, and will also prove to be a great way to get ready for the up and coming spring season. 

**Complete details and descriptions of our Winter Clinics can be found by clicking on the REGISTRATION tab at the top of this home page**

Curriculum Design, Summer Clinics, and Team Development

Our Lacrosse Services Include:

 - Working with any youth, high school, or club organization to customize, design, and help implement a lacrosse curriculum that will promote education, stability, and growth that will be evident as the group grows from year to year.  

 - Hosting and executing summer camps and clinics aimed at the betterment and development of youth lacrosse players.  Camps include, and are currently hosted at or with local departments of recreation and local schools.  The content, topics, and execution of such camps and clinics will be determined and communicated in advance of the camps and clinics taking place. 

 - Off-season or guest coaching for teams.  To either keep the message fresh by offering a new voice, or a more lengthy approach by coaching a team for a period of time in the off-season when their regular season coach can not.

**Current clients include Southington High School Boys' Lacrosse, Northwest Catholic High School Summer Clinics, the Town of Suffield CT, the Town of Granby CT, Farmington Sports Arena in Farmington CT, Roots Athletic Center in Westfield MA, and Northwest Catholic Boys' Ice Hockey.**

Private or Small Group Lessons

Through a site called, and using their format, we at Spiral Up will also offer private and small group lessons for our lacrosse players.  Lessons, in either individual or small group settings, we will work on everything from individual skills, overall athleticism, and position specific areas.  We will also welcome and encourage goalies to come to us for lessons.  In addition, and finally, we are willing to communicate and collaborate with the student(s) current coach to ensure we are reinforcing the areas necessary for the total development of the player relevant to their team.   We do this so that he can carry what he is learning right over to his team and that the message is consistent. 

Typical Lesson Plan

 - Dynamic Warm Up / Conditioning

 - Skill Work - Throwing / Catching / GB / Shooting

 - Position Specific Drills - Attack / Mid / Pole / Goalie

 - Game Situation Drills for 1 on 1 Lessons and Small Area Scrimmages for Small Group Lessons

 - Implementation of mutually agreed upon topics / Review of progress / Plan for the next session

Spiral Up Athletics Gives Back - Bigger Than a Game

The entirety of the proceeds from our Squad Locker's sales will be donated to; an organization that raises awareness so that together we can nurture, educate, and save people living with mental illness. 

Scott Kossbiel

Spiral Up Athletics Academy LLC

Phone: 860-670-2746

Learn + Commit + Do = The Upward Spiral